Evan L. Hershey, CWS Vice President & Financial Consultant

In an industry that emphasizes specialization and segmentation, our team offers a different approach.  We focus on using a Holistic Wealth Management approach that incorporates all of the moving pieces of your wealth.  Rather than focusing primarily on one aspect of your financial scenario, we take a step back to integrate all of the moving pieces in your financial lives.  By more deeply understanding your current situation, the dynamics that are unique to your family, your feelings about risk and your thoughts about the future we are able to provide ideas and suggestions that are tailored to your specifc needs.

Taking this approach has shown us that our clients are far more than simply a sum of their parts.  Every area of your life affects your point of view from the things you value to your short and long-term goals to your thoughts and feelings around the legacy you will leave behind.  Each decision you make is based upon your understanding of your whole situation.  Our perspective is that in order for us to give you the best advice possible, we have to understand that situation with as much detail as possible.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you achieve your goals based upon who you are as a person, not simply based upon one small aspect of your scenario.