Our Approach to Wealth Management

Our team takes a holistic approach to wealth management.  We endeavor to understand in detail not only all of the moving pieces of our clients’ overall wealth, but also to develop a deep understanding of their thoughts and feelings about their wealth.  By engaging our clients in detailed conversations regarding their time horizons for various pools of assets, their thoughts and feelings about risk, and their expectations for the future, we are able to offer ideas and suggestions specifically targeted towards helping them achieve their financial goals.

While few of us would embark on a road trip to an unknown location without taking a look at a map, many of us attempt to get achieve our financial goals without developing a financial plan.  We are often surprised at the statistic that, on average, Americans spend more time each year planning our annual vacations than we spend planning for our retirement.  We believe that a well-crafted financial plan should be used as a road map to our clients' financial goals.  

Developing an investment policy statement with our clients is also an important part of our process.  These policies will detail what percentage of our clients' wealth is invested into which asset classes.  While many people know how much of their assets are invested in various asset classes at the current time, few put significant emphasis on how much they should allocate to those asset classes and when they should reduce exposure to a particular asset class.  Indeed, when we make money in an investment many investors want to add more money to that investment, often just in time for the cycle to change and for that investment to under perform other asset classes.  The investment policy statement can help with these types of decisions and should contain a series of policies designed to make the investment process more rational and less emotional.

Once our clients' goals have been established and an investment policy has been developed, we customize appropriate wealth management strategies to suit their vision and objectives.